Adult Basic Literacy

This program serves Learners who are native or high level English speakers with reading and/or writing levels below high school levels. The goal is to help adults achieve a level of literacy that allows them to accomplish their personal goals and participate fully as individuals, family members, employees and members of the community at large.

Each Learner is taught basic reading and writing, and/or math skills on a one-on-one basis by a trained volunteer Tutor using curriculum materials most suited to their literacy level, learning styles and goals. A variety of books and supplemental materials are available.

Learners and Tutors normally meet at least once a week 1 to 1.5 hours.

Staff provides intake, evaluation, testing and matching for all Learners, support for the Learner-Tutor pair, training, research in current adult literacy techniques and materials, and counseling and referral services.

Hours are set to be compatible with individual schedules.

There is no charge for services and materials.

Computer Technology

The following technology programs and tools are available at CCLP:

  • Laptops available for Learner-Tutor use
  • iPads available for Learner-Tutor use
  • Technology classes for Learners and Tutors (limited to no more than three students in a class)
  • Website resources for learning