Creating a Positive Reading Climate

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Creating a Positive Reading Climate

Donna Hall, M.Ed.

Many times parents ask the best way to encourage their children to read.  First, I would create a positive reading climate in your home.  Here are some of my top suggestions:

  1. Model reading:  It is important for your children to see you actively engaged in reading.  Have magazines, books, etc. in your home.  Purchase a subscription to a children’s magazine for your child.  Let them see you reading.  Engage your children’s help in reading recipes, directions, etc. which is both engaging and sets a purpose for reading.
  2. Libraries/Bookstores:  Take your child regularly to the local public library.  Check with the library staff to see if there are any story times or activities your child can attend.  Help your child check out books that are of interest and at the correct reading level.  If you have a very young child, let them help you pick out a book to read.  Talk about the front cover of the books and guess what the book will be about.
  3. Phone Apps:  Download apps on your phone that promote reading skills.  There are many free apps online that can be downloaded to your phone, such as rhyming games, letter match, etc.  These apps can be very entertaining and educational not only at home, but when traveling.
  4. Reading Area:  Set aside a reading area for your child that is quiet, has comfortable seating, is well lit, and has a variety of materials for the child to read.  Just like adults, children like their own comfy space to relax and read.

These tips will get you started in creating a positive climate for reading.

Happy Reading!!!

Donna is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Childhood, a Reading Specialist, and has a Master’s in Reading.  She currently serves as a REAC3H Instructional Coach.

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